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Thank you for stopping by. If you found this page, it means that we travel in the same circles. My name is Heidi “RUMMY” Johns and I am a Product Specialist here at Collier RV. My Hubby, Mike (Cheeze) and I have three children, four grandkids and our beloved Australian shepherd. I love Trop Rock Music, beaches, rum, pirates, sea turtles, RV’g and laughing until my belly hurts! I am a member of a few Parrot Head organizations and TRMA.

I purchased my first RV in May of 2022. He was 27 years old at the time with 27,000 miles but was well taken care of. Yes, it is an older, class A motorhome. His name is Crush (like the sea turtle from “Finding Nemo” and I have already covered 5,000 miles with him- seen some beautiful country, met a TON of Trop Rock artists and made friends that will last a lifetime. RV’g is a lifestyle! It is all about the memories. You don’t have to have the newest, the largest or the most expensive RV but you do HAVE to have one to make those memories.

Although I am still a NOOB (newbie) at RV’s, our dealership is family owned and have been in business for over 60 years. The knowledge base of our staff can’t be beat. So although I might not be the most well versed on everything, I have an unbelievable team behind me to help us answer any of your questions.

I’ve heard people say there is no way they’d buy an RV from the Midwest because of our weather. Let’s talk about that. We do not have the extreme heat here in northern Illinois that they do in the south. Those high temps and hot sun can wreak havoc on the roof sealant, gaskets and decals of our RV. Our Rv’s aren’t getting sand blasted, nor are they getting hit with high winds and torrential downpours. We don’t spend a lot of time driving on the salted highways in RV’s and these roofs are designed to handle the weight of the small amounts of snow we get in this region. Rusty undercarriages on an RV can happen anywhere- parking over grass for a long time is more damaging than a short trip on a salted road in an RV.

We work with customers across the nation. They’ve seen that our prices and transparency are worth the trip. We pride ourselves on being open and honest. My goal is find you the right floorplan for your needs and stay within your budget. We start with something as simple as a conversation.

Please give me a call, email or text and let’s start that conversation AND we can have fun doing it.

And, remember to tune in to “Rummy’s Road Trip” on Saturdays at 12pm CT on

Wishing you safe travels, epic adventures and cherished memories.



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