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Rummy’s RV Tip of the Week: What are you waiting for?

    Written by Heidi “Rummy” Johns

    Published March 30, 2024

    I have to admit, I continue to be amazed at how many customers that I talk with and the conversation starts like this, “We are retiring in a few years and want to look at RVs.” While I am happy to help someone that is planning several years in advance, why are we waiting? Obviously, budget is a primary reason to wait, but there are always other options. There are many benefits to start camping sooner vs later. Let’s discuss some reasons:

    1. It’s not in the budget.

    I completely understand budgetary concerns. This is why my motorhomes are all over 20 years old. If budget is your reason for waiting, let’s discuss this. My guess is that you are still spending money on travel and entertainment in the meantime, right? Will you truly have access to more money in the near future?

    Consider the following:

    A.) Financing an RV is closer to financing a house.  Terms can average somewhere between 10-20 years, so you aren’t forced to pay it off in the traditional 5-7 years of an automobile. (You can even try our online payment calculator or see if you pre-qualify for RV financing here – no SSN or DOB required!)

    B.) Older units are still welcome at almost all national and state parks. You will, on occasion, run into a privately owned campground that says all units need to be 10 years old or newer. (Sometimes, it’s fifteen years.) I’ve always been allowed in by sending pictures of my RV. It also might mean you visit that park during off-season, which just means lower rates and less crowds, right?

    C.) Speaking of older, none of us are getting any younger. How can I help get you camping while the knees & hips still work? I’d rather help you find a unit within your budget, towing capacity and your preferred floorplan VS shopping for one with great steps and grab bars!

    2. We don’t have the time to use it.

    A.) The RV industry has been built on “weekend warriors.” Not all of your RV trips need to be long distance. I imagine if you search “campgrounds near me,” you will find at least five parks within a two hour drive that you didn’t even know were there.

    B.) If you are considering spending months at a time in your RV in a few years, the benefit of practice is priceless. Ensuring you have chosen the best floorplan for your camping style can be determined by being a weekend warrior. Additionally, practicing setting-up, driving, maintenance, etc. is always easier when you are learning closer to home.

    C.) There are many sizes and floorplans to choose from. Becoming a weekend warrior ensures you get the practice to know if you have chosen your floorplan wisely. Testing out the living space, cooking area, bathroom, sleeping and your storage needs – well in advance of long term trips – is the only way to truly know if you’ve selected the right RV.

    3. I don’t have the right tow vehicle.

    A.) Absolutely, if you are looking at travel trailers or fifth wheels, your tow vehicle and its capabilities are of the utmost importance. Do you want to invest in a larger truck, OR maybe choose a lighter weight unit might work for you?

    B.) Before purchasing a new tow vehicle, consider a motorhome! Often, consumers have a bit of sticker shock when they see the prices on motorhomes. However, if you add in a “new” truck purchase and the trailer purchase, you might find a motorhome is within your budget. Of course, we need to swing back to concern #1 regarding your budget.

    C.) If you truly need to upgrade your vehicle, please be sure you know what the tow rating is for your vehicle. All F150s do not have the same towing capacity, for example. Ratings on the same year, make & model can range from 4,000#’s up to 11,000#’s, depending on their axles, cab size, 4×4, etc. Our easy online Towing Guide is a good place to start. Lastly, if your new vehicle comes with a “tow package,” be certain as to what is included in that. Does that mean you have a hitch receiver, brake controller, 7 pin connection? OR does it mean that you have an enhanced trans cooler only?

    There are a lot of reasons to wait on kicking off your RV lifestyle dreams. It took me five years! I promise it was worth it. I have made so many memories and new friends. I have new cherished moments with my grandkids, spouse and friends. I have seen new parts of the US. I don’t own the fanciest, newest or grandest motorhome – just ask my friends and co-workers LOL. I DO own one, and I use it every chance I get. Life is short. Make those memories!!!! 


    Heidi “Rummy” Johns

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